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Proven Compound
The uPVC compound used in NCL I-44 is time tested for severe temperature variations.  
Maintenance Free
No painting, No wresting, Free of termites or any other form of pest infestations.
Offers high value for money.
Fire Retardant
An excellent fire retardant material in accordance to DIN 4102 for its non-spontaneous ignition and self-extinguishing characteristics.
With multi-chambered profile design, tight seals and welded joints instead of mechanical ones, NCL I-44 offer excellent soundproofing properties.
Thermal Insulation
With uPVC’s low thermal conductivity; it can reduce up to 37% of energy loss in either air-conditioned or heated environment.
Warp Resistant
Has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and can withstand any weather conditions without changing shape.
Fade Proof
Has high resistance against Ultraviolet (UV) rays which causes fading or discoloration.
Custom sizes
NCL I-44 windows are manufactured as per your specifications and manufactured from our plant and are installed in your project.
uPVC saves 100% of timber used for timber windows and uses less than half the energy used to produce Aluminum framed windows.
Complete Window Solutions
We are with you all the way. Through the entire course of the work plan -Design, Manufacture and Install basis.

I - 44 (sliding) Specifications

Profiles should be of hallow, multi chamber system which provides high insulation, with outer frame 44mmX40mm and an outer wall thickness of 2mm.
All corner joints mitred and fusion welded.
Steel reinforced with 18mmX9mm steel with a thickness of 1mm.
The sash will be of 27mmX53mm.

Finishes                      : Standard White
Custom Sizes              : Available
Hardware                     : Cocksper Handle, single/ double roller 
Glazing                        : 5mm plain float glass
Installation             : The window system should be fixed directly to  the plastered                  brick wall using self expanding nylon plug and driving ms                                      electroplated screws into plug.

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