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Top hung windows are fabricated from roll formed sections made of galvanized colour coated steel with a combination of specially designed components made up of crca with zinc phosphate, nylon or high grade aluminum with powder coating. Section to section overlap, the gasket around glass and between frame & shutter are designed to give perfect sealing

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Supply and fixing of windows & top Hung ventilators made of pre - painted steel (base steel as per IS 513 of 0.58mm thick 'D" quality, galvanized as per IS 277 with zinc of 120 GSM) primer coated with epoxy primer of 5-7 microns thick, finish painted with a polyester paint of 12-16 microns thick and back coated with 5-7 microns thick alkyd backer.

Section for outer frame should be 46 x 52 mm section for shutter should be 46 x 46 mm section for mullion should be 46 x 70 mm, and section for beading should be 18 x 25 mm and section ventilation should be The windows should be paneled with 5mm thick plain float glass / 4 mm pinhead glass with Ethyl propylene Diamine monomer Gasket (EPDM).

The sections are to be cut to length meter joined with corner brocket centre mullions are to be fixed using mullion cap. Handle made of high grade aluminum powder coated and nylon receiver. Gaskets made of Ethyl propylene Diamine monomer (EPDM). Corner brackets made of CRCA with Zinc Phosphate. Mullion caps made of glass filled nylon.

The above frames should be fixed to the concrete /masonry wall by means of self expanding screws
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