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  About us :
  Seccolor  presents International quality windows , doors , partitions , glazing’s and many more with technology from M/s Industrie Secco S.P.A , Italy and High quality uPVC windows and  doors made of Wintech profiles. 
  History :
  Established in 1989 Seccolor is one of its kind organization which provides complete windows and doors solutions. Having satisfied some of the best in class construction and building companies ,Seccolor has proven its caliber over the years. With corrosion free steel , non-fading paint, Epdm gaskets and precision engineered components, seccolor systems are Elegant, Maintance free, offers Excellent sealing from water ,dust and are long lasting
  Manufacturing process:
  The galvanized colour coated steel coils are slit to required widths on a sophisticated slitting line specially made to handle galvanized colour coated steel.
The slit coils are then fed to the 32 station roll forming machine , one of the biggest ever imported in our country.

The machine produces profiles of intricate shapes including closed profiles. The roll forming line has special features like on line annealing and fly shear witch allows continuous operationsProfiles are cut to required sizes and assembled as doors, windows, partitions etc, with specially designed components and accessories. The cutting and assembling are done by precision tools and jigs.

The fabrication is made according to specified sizes as per customers requirement.

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