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Swing doors are fabricated from roll formed sections made of galvanized colour coated steel with a combination of specially designed components made up of crca with zinc phosphate, nylon or high grade aluminum with powder coating. Door can be of fully glazed, partly glazed & partly paneled.


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Providing and fixing Swing Door fabricated from roll formed sections made of Galvanized Steel Colour Coated/ Powder Coated (Base Steel as per IS 513 “D” quality, Galvanized as per IS 277 with Zinc of 120 grams/ Sq. Mtr.) with total coated thickness of 0.55 mm. Coated Sections should be with Primer Coat of Epoxy Primer of 5-7 microns thick, finish painted with a Polyester Paint of 12-16 microns thick and back coated with Alkyd backer of 5-7 microns, or Powder Coated with pure Polyester Powder up to 50-60 microns thick.

The sections are to be of 33x58mm for external frame, shutter should be with sections of 46x52mm and 46x46mm and lock rail should be of 23x130mm.The Frame & Shutter Sections should be cut to length and mitre joined with Corner Bracket made of CRCA electroplated. Mullion Section should be joined with Frame/ Mullion using Nylon Mullion Cap Ethyl Propylene Diamine Monomer (EPDM) Gasket should be used all around glass in shutter, between frame and glazed shutter and both sides of fixed glass.Handle/lock, floor of approved quality.  Gasket made of Ethyl Propylene Diamine Monomer bracket.Glass shutter  should be provided with a glass of 5mm Plain Float Glass. Board  upto a max thickness of  10mm.

The above Frame should be fixed to brick/ concrete masonry by using Nylon self-expanding caps and driving MS electroplated 80mm long screws into the caps through frames

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