80*50 Door Frames :
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Door frames are made up of galvanized colour coated steel section of 1.2mm thick to take care of 35mm flush shutter. gasket grove will be provided to insert a gasket which will give perfect sealing. Door frames are available in 80x50,105x60 sizes.


Providing and fixing single rebate door frame fabricated from sections roll formed out of 1.2mm thick galvanized steel (Base steel as per IS 513) with zinc of 120 gms/sq.mtr.

The overall size of the section should be 80x50mm.

The frame section should be cut to length and metre joined with corner brackets made of CRCA electroplated. 

The frame should be provided with …..

(a) 3 Nos. of M.S. powder coated 4” Butt hinges of 2mm thickness welded to the main frame

(b)  6 Nos. of 1.2mm thick CRCA electroplated stiffeners should be welded to frame.

(c) 6 Nos. of 8” M.S. hold fasts with split end tail welded to stiffener plates

(d) one no. aldrop receiver.

(e) Each frame should be provided with 25x50mm tie rod at bottom. 

All welded places should be treated with protective coat of zinc rich primer.

The entire frame should be provided with a coat of etch primer.

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